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Chameleon Dragon

Chameleon dragons are long and skinny, with no horns, but they have fur. Instead of the default spine, they have fur depending on the length, and whether it's curly or not. At the end of their super long and skinny tails, is a tuft of fur, again, depending on the dragon.

Their claws aren't sharp, they're rather dull, but they have sticky pads like a gecko under all their claws, to climb surfaces and ceilings. Their colors can range to anything, with any markings. Their teeth are extra razors with a second row of them for their only defense and to eat through tough food.


Chameleon dragons--like the name suggests--can change any color of all their body parts, but like an octopus (or... a chameleon, duh), change to the surroundings to blend in, and it also takes a bit of time to change colors. They also can turn transparent, but dragons can still see them if they look hard enough.


They live in the rainforest, as the name suggests. The area is humid and dense, to where only certain dragons can live in, and they live in underground caves or huts in the trees (literally in the trees) like squirrels. They aren't vegetarians, but their diet consists of fruit, plants, and anything they can catch.

They aren't like most dragons, they are laid back and have a democracy-type leadership.


  • Leader Parrot and his mate, Dandelion.