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Greetings, adventurer! You have happened to stumble on a wiki page in the making. I'm Radon, one of the admins on the wikia. To give you the basic rundown of what this is, I'd like to spread some light on the creation. The owner of the wiki, Draca, made this page back in the summer of 2015 (or earlier because it's kinda hard to tell). I have since taken over, along with any other creature that winds up here.

So, you ask yourself, what is this wiki for and what can we post? The Dragons for Life wiki was meant for everyone to come together to share information on the different species of dragons that they've seen on their quests. You can right about them here, and, if you observed them close enough, you could ask one of our admins to make a page for that type of dragon. Again, this wiki is still a work in progress so it will take a while for all the pages to get redone. On that note, we are currently looking for people who can "freshen up" the pages. Feel free to come and ask about the job requirements and special abilities you might gain.

Overall, what you can post is up to you. We have very few rules on the wikia, leaving it an easy way to tread lightly on subjects. The rules are as followed: One, please do not use harsh profanity when constructing pages or talking in the community chat. Your posts will be taken down as soon as we are notified. This will often result in a temporary ban. Two, please refrain from posting inappropriate content on pages and posts. Anything that is NSFW (not safe for work), will also be taken down as soon as we are notified. Depending on how bad the image is, is how intense the punishment will be. Three, not trolling. We have had to deal with people (even some of our own members) constantly submitting comments under people's posts without reason. This will also often result in a temporary ban. Four, we do not tolerate vandalism of any kind. This will result in a 24-hour ban. Five, you may not edit people's pages without their consent. If you do this, it won't be a punishable offense, however. Just, for the love of dragons, please ask before you edit. If the user is inactive, please notify an admin to fix the page's problem. If you get an admin's approval to fix the page, then do so with caution.

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