This dragon is somewhat of a rarity to see. Reason being this dragon resides between two worlds. (One this wiki will try not to refer too much)The second world this dragon lives in is the fairy world. They are more of a negotiator when it comes to peace talks between the four elemental Kings. This dragons diet goes about fish in the dragon world but in the fairy world consider all the foods a fairy would be able to eat. We as dragons and that mysterious person that observers us, don't know what that food might be.

Fairy Dragon

The Traveling writers Note

It seems that the fairy dragon should have gone extinct hundreds of years ago at a first glance due to its apparent complete lack of natural magics or any form of breath weapon, but if observed for long periods of time it becomes increasingly apparent how the fairy dragon survives, the fairy dragon is ridiculously lucky. I have observed over 30 cases in which a single fairy dragon I have been watching should have died or lost something, 3 of the cases involved the dragon falling and then getting caught on a branch that I did not see before and in 9 cases fish just seem to get distracted on a piece of particularly shiny piece of sand. While these could be explained away the time a red dragon swooped in for a kill and only ended up snapping its neck on a tree.

The fairy dragon is as close to herbavour as dragons go (excludeing the ice/frost dragon) as they only eat Fish and assorted sea creatures (they almost always are able to catch animals that they shouldn't be able to due to sudden attacks on the animal or some Form of spontainus death (heart attack? sickness? Or just random death?).

A female seems to choose her mate based on how dark the blue gradient along their wings are. The darker the blue is the more lucky the dragon seems to be, I am considering declaring completely blue winged fairy dragons to be named luck dragons as by that point their luck is so potent that it seems to rub off on nearby creatures and land Causing dead land to grow and starving creatures to find food in the most unlikely of places. I have to this date only encountered one luck dragon out of all 74 fairy dragons I have encountered.



  • King Nymph
  • Queen Pixie