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Poison dragons are normally green with purple and/or dark blue anywhere, with long twines of gold throughout the body and/or wings. Their eye color can range from shades of green and purple, and their tongues are normally golden or orange. Their claws are sharp yet stubby (like a tortoise) and while their horns can be sharp and curly, they have long frills behind them, channeling sounds into their ears behind. Their blood isn't normal blood, it actually has poison circulating in it, for obvious reasons, so don't drink their blood nor eat them and you'll be fine.

Abilities & Weapons

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Poison dragons have the ability to spit poison from a gland under their tongue (that can severely burn/melt skin/scales and other nonliving things), can eat anything poisonous to other dragons, and are immune to poison (natural poison, from other poison dragons, from themselves, etc). What is also unique, is that their tail has long, sharp barbs (like a lion fish) that they can stick into dragons that can paralyze briefly and cause harm.

History & Society

They live in tall spires of stone, in the middle of a poisonous path that only they and Zombie dragons (if they can even pass security) can live in. There's poisonous plants and gas everywhere, with stone buildings as their main homes. The palace is huge, with spiraling stone staircases, and even jewels encrusted in the inside and outside, showing how powerful they are.

Only the royal family and servants live in the castles.


  • King Scorpion
  • Queen Radiation

Relationships with Tribes

They do NOT mix with other tribes, as they are very finicky about polluting poison blood. They make friends from other tribes rarely, as they are aggressive.

After the king has been drugged and stolen from an electricity dragon, the two tribes have been quarreling since. Some poison dragons ganged up with other rogues, and slipped into the Electricity dragon's royal hatchery one day, killing most of the possible future heirs, for what they did to their king.

After that, the tribes have been through a rough time, fighting and glaring every change they got.


  • Please ask before making a hybrid. Poison Dragons do not willingly have dragonets with other tribes.
  • When asking to make a hybrid, please include their backstory/history. Your dragon will have to be approved by the tribes creator/owner.
  • Do not make a royal Poison Dragon without permission.