This is a shipfic, made by me! The ship, Intrawork, is my best ship that I have made so far. Please enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

The castle was silent. The normal sound of dragons shuffling about, and the sound of thunder had subsided. Tick. Tick. Tick. The sound of machinery could be heard moving about in one of the bed chambers, a rather familiar sound for the kingdom. A golden, metallic dragon was pacing the room. A worried expression was plastered on his face. What am I going to say? Clockwork thought, biting at his metal talons. He started pacing faster and faster, until he eventually got tired and fell onto the animal skin bed. What if he finds out? What would happen then? Would he hate me forever? Will we ever be friends again? A soft knock on the chamber door interrupted Clockwork's thoughts. He quietly made his way over to the door, almost tripping on some of the scatered things around the room. "Hello?" Clockwork whispered through the piece of wood. "Hey. It's me. May I come in?" A slightly childish voice responded. Clockwork's heart sank (well it would if he had one), knowing the voice all too well. He opened the door slowly, relieving a tall, rather handsome, Lightning Dragon. "Hey I-Intra! What are you doing here?" Clockwork stuttered out, letting the dragon in.