Toxin is a hybrid that caused the "war" between Poison dragons and Electricity dragons. She was a rogue, where she had nowhere to live, until she found King Intracloud, hoping he would take her in.

Her tail was lacking the many sharp barbs on it, but it is very long and wisp-thin like her electricity side. She's tall, and her horns are straight, sharp, and short, with a long frill below them to channel noises into her small ears behind. Her body is a gray-green with long golden twines through her frill and wings, while some were on her body as well.

Not any through her spine, as that's Electric side and not Poison side. She has the glands of a Poison dragon to shoot super deadly poison, and she has the ability to shoot lightning and store it, being a clear hybrid of both.

Along with her body, she had dark purple eyes, from her Poison side. Her claws are sharp, but they are short and stubby, able to crack open a coconut or a hard watermelon if she must.